Routes into Law

There are numerous routes to becoming a lawyer.

Fletchers Solicitors offers opportunities for training contracts and apprenticeships, along with tailored training plans.

How do I become a Solicitor?

The traditional route to becoming a solicitor involves completing a law degree, Legal Practice Course and then obtaining a Period of Recognised Training (training contracts). Fletchers Solicitors will be opening applications for training contracts at least yearly.

New routes to qualifying as a lawyer

Degree (does not have to be law)

  1. SQE 1- functional legal knowledge. Will test knowledge of law and how to apply it in real-life situations.
  2. SQE 2- core legal skills. Practical skills assessments including role play and simulation.
  3. Qualifying work experience instead of a training contract
  4. Pass the SRA character and suitability test

There are different ways you can complete the route:

  • Self-fund the degree, SQE with preparation course and complete 2 years qualifying work experience at Fletchers Solicitors
  • Apply for funding yearly to contribute towards the costs of the degree, SQE with preparation course and complete 2 years qualifying work experience
  • Apply for a solicitor or graduate solicitor apprenticeship whilst working at Fletchers Solicitors.

Fletchers Solicitors will offer as many routes and opportunities to qualify as possible.

Fletchers Solicitors offers as many apprenticeships as possible in different qualifications, including solicitor. An apprenticeship is a paid job which combines employment and training. Key benefits of an apprenticeship include the work experience, paid employment and time allowed for study. The training cost is completely covered which means no student debt!

The ‘trailblazer’ apprenticeship has been available since 2016. It includes a law degree, SQE and qualifying work experience. It takes 6-7 years from A-level. Fletchers partners with The University of Law to deliver the apprenticeships.

This apprenticeship is for graduates (not just law) and will cover SQE and qualifying work experience. The course is 2.5 – 3 years and results in qualifying as a solicitor.

More details on the courses can be found here: Law Apprenticeships for Students | University of Law

The qualification is the same as the SQE route to becoming a solicitor.

Fletchers Solicitors offers both solicitor apprenticeships.

Support team

What is a CILEX Lawyer?

CILEX Lawyer is the new qualification title which replaces Chartered Legal Executive. A CILEX Lawyer is a comparable qualification to a solicitor.

CILEX Lawyers have full rights to practise in a specialist area of law (including having advocacy rights where these are needed).

The CILEX Lawyer qualification is split into 3 Stages.

More information on the Stages and cost can be found here: Study the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ)

Routes to qualify as a CILEX Lawyer:

  1. Self-fund the 3 Stages with Professional Experience working at Fletchers Solicitors
  2. Apply yearly for a contribution towards funding from Fletchers Solicitors
  3. Apply for an apprenticeship to fully fund the qualification

Fletchers Solicitors sees the CILEX Lawyer qualification as equal to a solicitor.

The route is likely to take 5-6 years to complete in total.