Fletchers – A responsible business

At Fletchers Group, we believe we have a responsibility to our people, our communities, and our planet.

As one of the UK’s most trusted and respected law companies, we recognise the importance of conducting our business in a responsible way.

Our new 3-year responsible business strategy brings together our community work (Our Community), environmental agenda (Our Environment), and diversity initiatives (Our People) under one strategy with ambitious targets we are confident we can hit.

This also includes the creation of our own charity, Fletchers Foundation, a fund for our colleagues to choose who we support and working with our suppliers to ensure they are adhering to our responsible business expectations.

Responsible Business Highlights from 2023

What does this mean in practice?

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

We believe that our team should be as diverse as the people and communities we serve.

We believe that we are stronger for having Fletcherians from different backgrounds, who bring different perspectives and experiences. We are committed to an inclusive workplace and culture, and we’ve made great strides in this area:

  • Walked proudly in Manchester Pride’s parade.
  • Installed Multi-faith prayer rooms in our Manchester office.
  • Nominated a colleague to be our ‘Neurodiversity Champion.’

Fletchers Foundation

We launched our new charity, Fletchers Foundation in January 2023, and it’s already making a massive difference to people’s lives.

We support our clients through the legal process that arises following a serious personal injury or accident. But there are many enquires that do not have a valid legal resolution – and it is these individuals or groups, The Foundation aims to support via a grant for aid, equipment, therapies, events, etc.

Colleagues are encouraged to get involved in team challenges to raise money for our charity.

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Support team

Colleague Community Fund

This is just another way we’re supporting local communities in the North-West, however the difference is, this is for and decided by colleagues. Colleagues can apply for a small grant to support a local group or charity, and it is decided by a panel of colleagues, which is open to anyone to join.

Previous examples of funding including the Talking Toffees, a men’s mental wellbeing group, The Rainbow Hub which supports children with disabilities and local litter picking groups, supporting the local environment.

Responsible Business Champions

We also have a network of Responsible Business Champions, led by one of our team who volunteer their time to engage colleagues in all things Responsible Business. They are invaluable for colleagues to share ideas with and help make them a reality.

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