Associate / Partnership Programmes

Unlocking the Path for lawyers to Associates and Partnership

At Fletchers Solicitors, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering the growth of our legal professionals. Our Partner and Associate Programmes, launched in 2022, exemplify our commitment to developing our senior lawyers and recognizing their vital role in our success. These programmes are designed to empower our lawyers on their journey towards becoming associates and partners. Join us as and we can delve into the heart of these initiatives and the exceptional opportunities they offer.

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A Journey of Achievement and Growth

The Fletchers Partner and Associate Programmes were introduced with several key objectives in mind. For our Partners and Associates, these programmes serve to:

Cultivate Ownership:
We aim to instil a strong sense of ownership and loyalty to Fletchers among our senior team members. This ownership mindset is vital in driving our collective success.

Forge a Unified Team:
Through these programmes, we foster a cohesive senior team marked by a shared sense of purpose, professionalism, and unwavering support for one another.

Career Advancement:
We provide a strong incentive for our lawyers to build their careers with us, offering a clear and structured path to partnership.

Direct Benefits:
Associates and Partners enjoy a more direct connection to Fletchers’ success, both financially and through professional recognition.

For everyone in our firm, these programmes symbolise an aspirational development path, emphasising our values and what we value in our leaders. They also underline our steadfast commitment to professional development.

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Expectations of Our Partners & Associates

We have high expectations of our Partners and Associates. We look for them to:

Deliver Results:
Partners and Associates are expected to deliver top-tier performance, whether it’s achieving specific fee-earning targets in our legal teams or leading critical aspects of the business.

Build Our Firm:
They should make significant contributions to our firm’s growth and reputation. This involves exceptional people leadership, reputation building, and fostering valuable networks and relationships.

Strengthen Our Reputation:
Upholding the highest professional standards, embodying Fletchers’ values, and representing the best of the firm, both internally and externally, is all part of what we expect.

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The Road to Partnership and Associate

Becoming a Partner at Fletchers is a formal process. It entails:

  • A formal application and assessment process where a Partner Committee composed of senior business leaders take a deep dive into your skills and performance.

Becoming an Associate at Fletchers is also a formal process. It entails:

  • Associates being selected through an application-based process led by our Legal Directors and Chief Legal Officer.

Benefits of Partnership

Partners are integral members of our leadership team. As such, they enjoy:

  • Consultation on key decisions and choices
  • Access to performance insights and announcements
  • Participation in exclusive internal and external events
  • Opportunities for further professional development
  • Eligibility for the Partners Bonus schemes
  • Other enhanced benefits tailored for them

Who Can Become a Partner?

While the majority of our Partners come from our legal teams, we also encourage applications from other functional leaders who meet the required criteria. There is no cap on the number of Partners we can elect, as we firmly believe that having more Partners is advantageous for our business. Typically, Legal Partners have 8 or more years of PQE, but exceptions are always possible.

Who Can Become an Associate?

The Associate programme is tailored for experienced legal colleagues, primarily within our legal teams. There is no set limit on the number of Associates, and candidates typically have 5 or more years of PQE, although exceptions again are always possible.
At Fletchers, we are committed to fostering talent, nurturing ambition, and celebrating excellence. Our Partner and Associate Programmes represent a significant step forward in our journey, promising exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is an important part of our growth plan and together, we’ll shape the future of Fletchers Solicitors.

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Join our team

If you are an experienced lawyer seeking a firm that values your expertise and offers the support, training, and opportunities needed for your career advancement, Fletchers Solicitors is the place for you. Join us on a journey of growth, leadership, and excellence in the legal profession. Elevate your career with Fletchers and be part of a team that is committed to your success and the success of our clients. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and make a meaningful impact in the legal world.